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iOS 11 killed this game

I’m pretty sure there will be no update for this game in the future. And with iOS 11, 32-bit app support is gone, rendering this game unplayable unless you roll back to version 10.3 This is one of the greatest paid mobile games ever. Easy to learn, but hard to master and the final levels require true hooking expertise! But alas, there is no sequel, and there is no equal or greater game of this type. I hope the developers decide upon some miracle to update this amazing game, but I know it’s pretty much gone. This era of games (just before micro-transactions became huge) is gone. Sad days. Very sad days


Still a great game after all these years and it works great on iOS 9 on my iPhone 6s Plus. Thanks for all the hours of fun!

Was my favorite app ever

Decided to download for a throwback, but now without open feint being available there is now way to compete with friends. Game Center addition would be beyond AMAZING. Would rate 5 stars.

still my favorite ios game

I just played through this again and it's fantastic. Fun dialogue, great gameplay, and a really addictive control system. Playing this game again is like hanging out with an old trusted friend.


Why does this not have more reviews? The game is amazing, well worth the couple of dollars.

Trash open feint

Put in Game Center already!


I know this game is super old, but it's still fun!! I would like iOS 7 support please!

On iPad 2

One of the best 2D side scroller out there.

Another update?

Love this game but would also love to see it on iOS7 and support widescreen

Amazing, amazing game

Stop reading reviews and buy. this. game. now! 2x better than the second best game in the App Store!

Good, but...

Remove the garbage that is openfeint and add gamecenter.

Best game!!!

I thank thee for making this!!! I love it!!! Everybody buy it!!!!!¡¡¡

I cant get hookbot

Put a restore purchases button so i can get hookbot!!!!!


The dialogue is really just excellent. The gameplay is fresh and new and the amount of content is huge for those who like customizing.

Tough but fun!

Highly addictive, great game!


No game center support...really?

Love it!

Let me start off by saying this: This game is astoundingly well presented and executed. The graphics are very nice and well done, giving a sort of throwback feel when your playing. I found the spritework to be very awesome. The controls are very simple and easy to learn. The story, although very limited, sets a nice backdrop to your escapes. The banter before each escape (especially the Minigore temple) brings humorous fun to the game. Overall this is a great game. To anyone who is on the edge about purchasing this or not, I say go ahead and get it. P.S. to anyone who is wondering there are thirty-six levels each of which have their own secrets to find. Openfeint highscoreboards and times are there (sadly no Gamecenter) to add replay value and motivation to do better. There is a huge multitude of hats and upgrades to buy. The two characters that are blanked out at the bottom (other than Gunny) require an extra $0.99 purchase (each) to unlock.

Great game

Needs retina display and Gamecenter

Love it.

This is one of the best iPhone games out there. After I got this I immediately got every Rocketcat game out there (that I know of). This is still my favorite of the Hook series. Excellent game.

Fun fun fun

PROS: -EXCELLENT soundtrack -Retro style graphics -Simple and addicting gameplay -Lots of humorous text, both during levels and at the shop(item descriptions) CONS: -Can be annoyingly challenging at times -Some may consider $3 a little steep compared to the other simple/addictive games(angry birds, fruit ninja, etc) that only cost a third of the price in the app store CONCLUSION: Very addicting and humorous, worth $3 in my opinion and as long as you aren't stingy with your gold and buy all the upgrades available, levels shouldn't be overly difficult.


This is an excellent game! Great timing can get you through levels quickly and rack up points. Can be addictive if you're skilled. Great game!


I've had this game for two years and I think after two years I can say it. This is the best game ever developed for an ios device. There, I said it.


I love iOS updates. It prompts every developer to take advantage of the new features.

Yaaaay, Retina Display support!!

Finally! I love this game but it (previously) looked so blurry that I was reluctant to play it at most times, but now it's perfect! Oh, and as for the content of the game... that generally tends to be important, right? Yeah. It's amazing. If you're still sitting there thinking about buying this game, just click on the buy button. Just do it. ... Seriously.

Love it!

I really love this game. I originally played it with my iPhone 3G. I couldn't beat it, because the levels lagged. But, on my iPhone 4S it runs like butter!


Best game I've played on my iPod so far.

Good, but...

This is great game, don't get me wrong, but it is hard. Prepare to be annoyed at times. It is also pretty expensive, $3, but I think it's worth it overall.


its not as good as the newer hook champ, its controls are a lot different but for starting out its ok if u want to have fun get the newer version

Buy it

Now. Seriously. Nuff said


I can't beat forbidden hats without hookbot and I got the cursed hook and it won't work either grrr I WANT THOSE HATS !!!!!!!!!! Great game though

Great game

Very addicting


This is a great game, well worth the cost, although I would like to be able to go vs. against any openfeint user, instead of only my friends.

It's not THAT hard.

I was reading reviews and every complains that this game is too difficult. I beat the whole game (including the lost levels) and didn't buy hookbot or the girl until after I beat it. I used both Jake and Gunny because you will need both to complete these levels. It wasn't so difficult I quit but they weren't easy.



Worth the money.

This game is awesome.



This is a great game

I like it because the levels are easy.




8-bit graphics? Check Platformer? Check OpenFeint? Check Amazing game? CHECK This series is my favorite game series available for the iOS. Its the best of the trilogy (Hook Champ, Super Quick Hook, Hook World) and is good fun! I wish there were more 8bit platformers on the App Store that were as good as this.

Best actual GAME on iPhone

This game wouldve killed on the NES. If you're a gamer at all, get this.

Really fun

Bought this one because of how much i love hook worlds. Truely great.

Awesome game

Amazing game, i love everything about it, other than one thing, whch is the fact that it doesn't have Game Center. Add that I will be extremely pleased with this game.

Fluid fast paced action at it's best!

Honestly this is one of the best games released on the idevices. Only missing a couple things. Avalanche mode plz! Every other hook game has avalanche mode but not this one?? Also can we maybe play in like a jungle instead of caves all the time? Rating 5/5


5 stars even without the update. Really appreciated the new equipment which finally allowed me to beat the bonus level pack. They added 4 brand new levels as well with the update and tons of new hats and equipment. This is the best iPhone game I have ever played and is just so darn impressive. Spectacular game guys. I look forward to the new update but I do hope you are reading what we are all posting. You have already given us our moneys worth and we would love a sequel or would be willing to pay for an expansion if that means more content. Update: There have now been 4 free updates with 3 more worlds added. This game is amazing.

Used to be good

I got this game when it first came out. Since then they've taken out all the best stuff like the special hook and rope for each character and the coin vacuum and other things its not near as fun as it was having to go back and get the coins is really annoyying And you can beat the hatbox level with hookbox all of them


I play the crap out of my iPhone games and there is still yet to be a game better than this! I'm extremely competitive. Please! GET THIS ADDED TO GAME CENTER


The gold talisman on the lava level is ridiculous. I can't beat it and it makes me want to throw my phone. Really fun until the game gets way too difficult.

Excellent - gives PSP/DS a serious run for their money

This game is just great. It's in my top 5 favorite iPhone games ever released.

Definitely worth a look! But get rid of the OF sign.

1-Please take the OpenFeint logo out, it looks ugly on the icon. Have it like Cell War or something. The rounded OF look is kind of terrible. I'm just a little picky. Worth the buy, better get it before it rises to three dollars (worth the money even at five dollars). The game could get some getting used to, as you progress through the levels and upgrading (nice touch). The upgrades also add a lot of reply value as you have to collect coins and upgrade to finish a level or improve your score. Definitely worth checking, good for all fans, including those who love retro graphics ;-) Still worth playing. Need to finish that last Rat Idol level, and on to Skull levels, then the new levels.. *sigh* 2-Please take the OpenFeint logo out, it looks ugly on the icon :P Really. 3- Same as 1 & 2.

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